Jungested & Broström, Copenhagen 1999

Norrköpings Konstmuseum 2000

Jyväskylä Art Museum, 2001


My work for Jyväskylä Art Museum is a continuation of the work made for Omstilling at Jungested & Broström in Copenhagen 1999. A drawing was made on the white wall in the staircase as a reflection of the actual room.

Jyväskylä Art Museum

For the exhibition in Jyväskylä, a similar drawing, related to the art gallery, is made directly on the wall. This time parts of the exhibition is incorporate, to reflect not only the space and architecture itself but also temporal objects.

The drawing changed at night. In the darkness figures appeared, that were invisible during the day.

Jyväskylä Art Museum

Jyväskylä Art Museum