Dansk/svenskt – Danish/Swedish, Malmö, september 2010


2020-en framtidsvision Anna Brag/Frans Jacobi


Djäknegatan 9. Malmö


Djäknegatan 9. Malmö
Djäknegatan 9. Malmö
Djäknegatan 9. Malmö

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Öresund. Film still 1

Öresunf. Film still 2




A framtidsvision/ A vision for the future.
av / by Anna Brag & Frans Jacobi

Copenhagen-Malmö 2010-10-03

One day a train stops/ stannar ett tåg
mitt på Öresundsbron/ on the middle of the Oresund Bridge..
Toget stopper/ the train stops.
Kanske / Maybe, is it
medkänsla / compassion for alla/with all
the Danish Swedish, svenskdanska
resenärer / travelers who patiently
day after day, sat / siddet,
stood / stået and crowding / skubbet
in littered / tilsvinede,
overheated / Hede,
smelly / stinkende
train cars year after year?
Rear / bagfra will next train
which becomes standing and so continues
in both directions / stimuli
until the bridge is filled / spærret of trains.

The train passengers, as the last
tjugo/20 years, already have spent so
much of their lives on the train, decide to:
stay/ stop / remnant / accommodation
stanna / become quarters / living
So börjar / it begins.

A new state / nation is born.
An international-tax-free
plats / zone / no man's land/ no Mande country
on a bridge over a vatten / water /Vandet,
between Sweden and Denmark.

The first / 1: a prominent
Settler / immigrant
is / är Dalai Lama.
After China final
wiped / utplånade/ udraderede / annulled
the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in 2014,
he has been hunted wild / hunted
Worldwide/ over hele verden
By coincidence nöd-/nødlander
his plane / His escape on the Oresund Bridge
in January 2020
3 days / days after the first train stopped

The Dalai Lama is, despite his high / Höga age
one of the key-players / profiles i udformningen af /
in shaping
the new state and its radical
cosmopolitan / mångkulturella / multicultural
multispirituella ideals.

Part of the new country is made up of
an island / ø, named / hedda:

Pepparholmen /
Peberholmen /
Pfefferinsel /
Ile du Poivre.

It was built of sand from
The seabed / havbunden and
founded simultaneously as the
Bridge / Bridge,


för att bron/ so the bridge would have
something to dive through before
it would show up again in
Denmark /

- or for at dance keren/the
Danes must have something to dip into/
shell have noget at the bottom of dykke,
indene he / hun / him / her
doll op again on the BROEN.


Nothing grew on this island.
Already / Redan in 2010
existed / fanns in /på
Pepparholmen / Peberholmen /
Pfefferinsel / Ile du Poivre:
421 butterfly species / varieties of fjärilar
490 different plant species / växtarter
345 bille-arter/sorts skalbaggar / sorts beetles

green speckled / mottled tudse/ grönfläckig toad / seed / groda
hares / Harar/ Harer
various rare
orchids species / different sällsynta orchids
kestrel / thorn falcon, eagle / havsörn, peregrine falcon, sparrowhawk / kärrhök

In 2016 – after the
paramount / fatala oil disaster
in Alaska - oil prices rose dramatically
og biltrafikken forsvandt næsten
cars/ traffic almost disappeared
completely within just 3 weeks / veckor

Up on the roadway / körbanan on
bridge began / började
vegetation spreading
The people / mennesker, which
come to the island / Øen by train,
soon developed a very
miljömedveten / environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Man utnyttjade / utilized
Pepparholmens vildvuxna fauna
and also organized their own:

odlingar /
Plant cultures /
agriculture /
vegetable garden.

On the island was also a rich wildlife.
By 2017 had an airplane / flee
From South America missed the runway
at Kastrup och
kraschlandat / crashed
in the already tight / tætte
vegetation on Pepparholmen.

On the plane / flyet survived except
The Peruvian airline captain
Two other crew members /
besætningsmedlemmer, a man
and a woman/ Kvinna.

They were djurskötare / keepers.

The flight was carrying a
set / ladning / Flok
Endangered / udrydningstruede
beasts, who were on their way to
Zoology Haven / Zoo
Copenhagen / København / CPH.

This plane crash / nødlanding
flygkrasch / Emergency Landing
GER upphov till / inspires one, shows
it is fruitful / fruit full / frygtelig
idea, of the island's more / most radical::

inhabitants / residents / squatters / population / citizens/ Mitbiirger..

One begins to operate competing
activities and / og redirect,
with the help of fire / bonfire, the plan / flee
that night / the night goes into
for / lægger than til landing on
Kastrup airport.


Major / major part of the
people who land on the bridge
remaining/ stay/ stannar / future
and the population
grows / voksen / øges.


On 11 September 2020
The former U.S.
President Barack Obama is
rejected / utvisad of/ afvist / expelled by
grænsepolitiet / border police
Border Guard / gränspolisen at Kastrup Airport.

The neo-nationalist
Danish government led by
Morten Messerschmidt will
not provide:

admission / inresetillstånd / visa

Obama is on tour in
Europe to mitigate / DAMPA
reactions to his
successor / heir to the throne
Sarah Palin
suspension / ban / avlysande
of Muslims / utanförskaps
suffrage / rösträtt in the U.S..

Messerschmidt says that
Denmark has not
Bruk / användning/use for a
retired / pensioners /
pearl / monkey devil
as Obama.

Already / Redan the same afternoon
Obama's plane lands on
Pepparholmen / Peberholmen /
Pfefferinsel / Ile du Poivre,
where he / the Pearl searches / seeks
political asylum.

An additional / Furthe worsening
relations / fnurra the thread /
tiff between the new
state and the two neighbors / grannarna
Denmark and Sweden occurs when the
Danish King / kung Frederick
Ännu / yet one time meet with
Swedish queen / Drottning
Victoria in the middle / mitt ute on the bridge.

During a news sensational pressemøde/
press conference Abdicates / upp says himself / resigns the
both from their / sina thrones
presents a common / joint
communique / communiqué:

If / whether a nation / endast can
Be defined negatively by the exclusion
of / genom att utesluta all foreign
impact / influence more and utifrån
and cultural cleansing, it must
become without / sheep it vara utan them
as front figures.

They are now seeking asylum with both
their royal families / kungahus.
In addition to renounce / frånsäga themselves
their / sina citizenships
respectively / respective Denmark
and Sweden waives / frånsäger the
also their / sina royal Identities / titlar.

Frederik, who ostentatiously have
taken the good name
Hansen / Hanson / Hassan to new
surname, will try as
coach of the new Sound Hold
windsurfing, while Victoria
- Now Berntsson - Agnar / devotes herself
åt ornithology / insektologi.
The language of the new state is
- Like this text - an organic
developed / organic utvecklad
mix of Danish, Swedish and English
+ Whatever andre Influences occuring.

Quickly / blixtsnabbt developed a
unique / special brodialekt mixing
slang/ hose and potato-pronunciation / potatisuttal from
both / both sides of the strait.
The idea affects
sproget / language / lingua
Whether it is
coupled / connected / wired to a
Nation / Fixed field / dry land / soil / state identity,
release language and man:


Fri / free / frei / oulu!